Welcome to Stevenson Middle School

On one hand our school is only three years old. On the other hand our school has a rich history of serving its children and families for several decades.

A week does not pass without a former student stopping by to look at the Class Pictures from 1928 through 2016 which are on display in our front hallway. They always look with a smile born from a memory. A recollection of attending a once a proud neighborhood Kindergarten through Eighth grade elementary school serving a community whose members regularly say, “I went to Stevenson.”

Now a new Middle School serving up to 1000 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students from three feeder schools: Jane Addams, Lincoln, and Melrose Park Elementary Schools. Stevenson Middle School is determined to give a well-rounded education to all its students. The Four Pillars of our school are:

Stevenson is a community that is committed to providing a developmentally and culturally responsive learning environment that is interdisciplinary, age-appropriate, and provides opportunities for reflection for students and staff.

Our curriculum is adapted to be rigorous, challenging and engaging as well as providing feedback for continuous progress for every student.

Students will be guided toward independence and take ownership of their own education.

We embody a whole-student approach that gives access to learning and enrichment opportunities to succeed in high school, college, and beyond by supporting their individual strengths and areas of growth.

The Stevenson Middle School staff is excellent. And we believe in kids. And we believe that middle school children are a special group of people requiring special consideration. Rather than just a letter grade on a report card or a number score on a state test, Stevenson teachers strive to provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of clubs and activities as well as to be exposed to a rigorous curriculum of challenging and thought-provoking problems. Collectively we are committed to providing a learning environment where students can be college and career ready while having a global perspective. And a place to which they can return decades from now, to find their picture, and to proudly say, “I went to Stevenson.”

James Parker
Principal, Stevenson Middle School
[email protected]