Welcome to Stevenson Middle School!

Stevenson Middle School serves approximately 800 students in District 89. Our vision is to foster a learning environment that is founded upon the following concepts. Stevenson strives to be an institution that is developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering and equitable.

We are a community that is committed to providing a developmentally and culturally responsive learning environment that is interdisciplinary, age-appropriate, and provides opportunities for reflection for students and staff. Our curriculum is adapted to be rigorous, challenging and engaging, as well as providing feedback for continuous progress for every student. Stevenson students are guided toward independence and to take ownership of their own education. Our school embodies a whole-student approach that gives access to learning and enrichment opportunities to succeed in high school, college, and beyond by supporting their individual strengths and areas of growth. Stevenson is a learning environment where together we can all be college and career ready with a global perspective.

Our Mission

District 89 empowers, educates and inspires students to achieve personal excellence in a multi-cultural society.